DriGuard PRO FR Base Layers provide lightweight next-to-the-skin protection and comfort for firefighters, police, military, industrial professionals and search & rescue personnel. Unlike conventional cotton or synthetic blend base layer alternatives, DriGuard PRO is inherently flame resistant and won't ignite, melt, drip or adhere to the skin.


DriGuard PRO FR Base Layers are incredibly absorbent, breathable and lightweight for enhanced comfort. Similar to silk in feel, DriGuard PRO fabric has an extremely smooth, soft surface that drapes beautifully. The fabric's smooth surface feels soft and supple against the skin and its superb wicking abilities keep the skin dry, making it a great fabric for sensitive skin.

Dual‑Technology Odor Control

Most “anti‑odor” apparel simply incorporates an antimicrobial treatment. While antimicrobials applied to apparel fabrics do an excellent job controlling the growth of odor causing bacteria, antimicrobials alone will not stop all odor. Along with odor being caused by bacteria, your body also releases vapors that can pass through the fabric and be detected as odors. DriGuard PRO FR Base Layer garments incorporate a unique dual-technology finish combining a powerful antimicrobial and odor absorber for enhanced odor control and moisture management. This powerful finish inhibits microbes with a trimodal efficacy through starvation, sterilization and suffocation — destroying more than 99% of odor causing bacteria and capturing odor molecules from the body for the life of the garment.


Low initial cost combined with excellent wear life make DriGuard PRO a great value for a lightweight, inherently flame resistant base layer solution. Compared to existing FR alternatives, DriGuard PRO FR Base Layers cost approximately one third less.

Easy Care

DriGuard PRO FR Base Layers have good wrinkle and shrink resistance and color fastness. Garments can be home laundered and dried or industrial laundered and dried.